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Samson Engineering & Machinery Co. is a distributor that stocks our manufacturer’s innovative and high quality equipment products at competitive rates. If you ever receive a comparison price that is higher then us please lets us know so that we can see what we can do to provide you with the best quality products. Our team concentrates our efforts in several different industries, such as the food, energy, building materials, plastic, paper, pharmaceutical and chemical markets. We are primarily specialized to assist in equipment sales for processing, mining, bulk handling, and environmental applications.

Our high quality equipment products can help your business reduce processing and energy costs as well as improve your product quality. The equipment manufacturer’s that Samson Engineering represents are industry leaders who provide customized solutions based on your application needs. We have qualified expertise on hand and are expeditious in helping our customer’s with whatever their needs require. We can provide our customers with the best system components needed to make their operations run smooth and more efficient.

Our products can help with cost effective solutions with Emissions Detection, Cleaning and Dust Collection Systems that are requirements of OSHA and NSPA. In the food industry we can help provide innovative equipment and processes that will reduce Samonella (E-Coli) risk for FMSA. We can also provide storage tanks, materials handling systems, and railcar loading systems. We provide equipment throughout several industries that include but are not limited to Pet Food and Food Processing Plants, Dust Collection and Material Handling, Biomass Size Reduction and Pelleting, Frac Sand Processing, Storage and High Speed Loadout, and Clear Air Projects. The industries that we service include but are not limited to Food, Food Ingredients, Food Processing, Pet Food, Pet Food Ingredients, Meat and Poultry, Baking, Bakery Mix, Beverage, Candy and Confectionery, Coffee, Cereals, Snack Foods, Spices, Building Materials, Aggregate, Asphalt, Cement, Biomass, Biofuels, Chemicals, Ethanol, Pellet Fuels, Energy, Power, Renewable Fuels, Renewable Energy, Feed, Fertilizer, Fiberglass, Foundry, Grain Processing, Minerals, Milling Industries, Oilseeds, Seed, Paper, Paint and Ink, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Soap, Wood Processing, Recycling, etc….

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